Are you a venue looking for some public emtertainment?

Most venues have different nights tailored to the paying public, from Murder Mysteries to Theme Nights! Well you may have tried these and may have some success with them. You know the format the public pay for tickets and they get a 3 course meal (or similar) and some form of entertainment!


I am offering something a little bit different!


Dinner with a Mindreader is something which I have come up with as an alternative to the nights which you usually offer.


The format is still the same but during the meal your guests will enjoy some close up table magic and then after coffee they will watch a 1 hour Mindreading show performed by me. There will be audience participation and lots of laughs as i take them through a journey of the mind.


If you don't want the night to end there then you can either provide a DJ to fnish the night off with some dancing or we can provide the DJ for you for an add on price.


Either way I am sure your guests will love the show and hopefully would want to come back for more.


Prices for the Dinner with a Mindreader start from £350.00 for the evening entertainment with the disco add on of only £200.00.


Tickets will be sold by you so you know the numbers of guests that will be coming!


Don't delay enquire today!