Corporate and Charity Events

From charity nights to award nights Matthew has entertained at many of these types of events. No matter what the event or the type of entertainment you require Matthew can help, take a look at the things he can offer.

Mix and Mingle

As your guests are arriving this is the part of the evening which having a mix and mingle magician would be fantastic. Going from group to group until they go to sit down for their meal would really entertain and relax your guests.



Table Magic

So people have started sitting down for their meal but as we all know a 3 course meal can take up to 2.5 hours to be served from start to finish. Why not have Matthew going around the tables between the courses. This will keep your guests from thinking about their food as they see other tables being served.

Stage Show

So the meal is over and you are about to start the evening festivities, this may be award presentations or an auction but you may want some evening entertainment to break this up. Matthew has two kinds of stage show which both last as long or as little as you like from 20 minutes to an hour. There is the comedy show or the mindreading show. Both of these shows are ideal for any corporate or charity event with lots of audience participation and maybe even getting the CEO on stage to take part in a trick or two. 



Whether you just want one of the options or all three Matthew is here to make sure your event is a massive success.


Get in touch today to talk about how Matthew will make your event magical.